Fresh Caught Seafood & Local Meats

We are excited to invite you all into our neighboring building we all call "The Rooster Hut" for the creme of the crop seafood and meat along with all you need to prepare a delicious dinner. 

Sustainably caught seafood and thoughtfully raised meats have always been important to the foundation of why ownership started Bluewater Kitchen and now, get to share that passion through another avenue.

All regular seafood items will be fresh caught, never frozen and sourced from small sustainable fisheries within the US.

Our farm partners include Long Stone Farm (Lovettsville, VA), Ovoka Farm (Paris, VA) and Hunt Country Cattle (Upperville, VA). 

HOURS: Friday - Sunday 10 am - 5 pm


Fresh Meat & Seafood Menu

  • Long Stone Farm Breakfast Sausage Links $16/lb

  • Long Stone Farm Bacon $16/lb

  • Long Stone Farm Grilling Pork Sausage $15/lb

  • Gum Tree Farm Lamb Sausage $17.50 (Set Price)

  • Gum Tree Farm Ground Lamb Burger $16.50 (Set Price)

  • Long Stone Farm Whole Chicken $9/lb

  • Long Stone Farm Spatchcock Chicken $55 (Set Price)

  • Long Stone Farm Chicken Breast $19/lb

  • Long Stone Farm Chicken Thighs $16/lb

  • Long Stone Farm Chicken Wings $14/lb

  • Long Stone Farm Chicken Drumsticks $16/lb

  • Hunt Country Cattle Ground Beef $13 (Set Price)

  • Hunt Country Cattle New York Strip $37/lb

  • Hunt Country Cattle Ribeye $39/lb

  • Hunt Country Cattle Filet $42/lb

  • Hunt Country Cattle Flank Steak $20/lb

  • Ovoka Farm Tres Major $31/lb

  • Choice NY Strip $23 (Set Price)

  • Destin FL Red Snapper $38/lb

  • Destin FL Shrimp $24/lb

  • Moorehead City Red Fish $19/lb

  • VA Flounder $24/lb

  • 60 South Salmon $17/lb